July 17 -Bush’s Watersports Park 9:00 AM

Wake up and head to the lake and surf your way around your canvas. We will meet on the shores of the famous Barrett Lake dedicated to flat water sports ,skiers, surfers and boarders. Drive 2km north of Bala to paint, draw and surf your way around your canvas or sketchpad.

Google Map Co-ordinates Bush’s Watersports is easy to find on Hwy 169, 2km north of Bala with ample parking. Walk over to the Pro shop and entrance to the grounds to walk down to the water and find your painting spot.

What to Bring: Bring hat, umbrella, chair. No need to pack your wet suit. There are some trees, but many open areas so a sun protection will be needed.

Palette Suggestions: Purple, Cyan Blue, and anything fluorescent or iridescent.