Art Exhibition

October 13-14-15, 2023

The Bala Cranberry Festival is well attended by visitors from far and wide (12,000+) and the the Bala Plein Air Group’s art work will be on display at the Bala Arena on Maple Avenue during the 2023 festival. We look forward to showcase the talented ARTISTS in our Group who venture outside weekly to draw and paint together in and around Bala, Muskoka.

Artworks in the exhibition include original work completed in 2023 in oil, acrylic, gauche, ink, pastel and watercolour. Some artists are local and some discovered Bala and its “paintable” scenery while visiting.

Participating artists attended two or more plein air sessions with the group in 2023.


  • Grand Cran Artist of the Year: Andrew Judd
  • Honorable Mentions: Astra Nams and Carolyn Grand
  • People’s Choice Award: Adele Partington
  • Inspiration Award by Youth Judge: Anne Hodkin

The Cranberry Festival (2021)

Supported by The Bala Cranberry Festival
2021 Grand Cran Artist of the Year: CAROLYN GRAND (Jury Members in picture)
  • Grand Cran Artist of the Year is CAROLYN GRAND chosen by the Judge’s Panel Prize: $250 & Red Ribbon
  • Honorable Mentions to artists HEATHER DUNLOP and ASTRA NAMS (Yellow Ribbon) chosen by Judge’s Panel.
  • Inspiration Award is ASTRA NAMS chosen by Youth Judges on the Jury. Prize: $50 Gift card for Art Supplies from Curry’s
  • People’s Choice Award goes to “SUNKISSED” by Melissa Pole. Decided by Festival attendees by ticket ballots – 9936 votes cast in total for all artworks across 3 days. Prize: $100
  • Scavenger Hunt (for under Age 10) Prize: Art supplies

JURY MEMBERS: Norah Fountain (Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce), Ariel Berwick (Wahta Mohawks), Wendie Donabie (Muskoka Arts & Crafts), and Youth Judges – Caleb and Felicity (Wahta Mohawks)

THEME: Out in the Open Air (2021)

Our theme for the Exhibition embraced the opportunity to be creative and try new things outside following a long time indoors and being isolated. We found a way to meet together outdoors, share and learn as we painted the town, the forest, the Bala Falls, the cranberry harvest and anything worth capturing on canvas. We are grateful for the support of a grant from the Township of Muskoka Lakes and The Bala Cranberry Festival.

It turned out better than we imagined – igniting a fire in some, a new hobby in others, and inspired the artist within all of us. We discovered new friendships, new talent and renewed appreciation of the natural environment in all its finer details where we live and play.

Plein Air Workshop at Torrance Barrens

Admission to the BPAG Art Exhibition will be included with The Bala Cranberry Festival tickets.

For more information about the Art Exhibition, you can email us at See you at Cranberry!

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