Good to Know


If approached by someone to purchase or sell your art during a Bala Plein Air session, you are free to do so as you wish. Any sale or arrangement during or after is between the artist and the potential buyer. No commissions are necessary and BPAG will not be involved in any way if a sale is agreed upon. The end of season Exhibition & Show will be a separate event and commissions may apply between artists and BPAG.


Be supportive of other artists and their progress. At the end of each session there will be an opportunity for informal sharing of art. Be encouraging and respectful in your comments. For e.g. share 2 things you like and 2 things to improve upon the next time. This is mostly social and optional if you want to share your art. It can be helpful though to have another set of artist eyes and observation.


All Bala Plein Air Group activities are planned to take place outdoors. Artists will be asked to set up their easels and chairs in a safe manner. e.g not near flowing water, underneath broken tree branches, or on a road or pedestrian pathway, etc. Be aware of your surroundings as there is abundant wildlife in Muskoka. Most wildlife are harmless, but it is worth wearing bug spray, long pants for grassy areas and sun hat protection. If you are feeling unwell, have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness or have been directed to isolate, please stay home and do not attend. These safety protocols may be adjusted, if needed by the Simcoe-Muskoka Public Health Unit.

IDENTIFY LOCATIONS: Plein Air artists can use a simple app to remember location details where a painting is created. What3Words is free downloadable app. Every 3 square metre on the planet is identified by 3 words. Write the 3 words on the back of the canvas to indicate exactly where it was created. Also handy in case of an emergency if you get lost or need to get help to exact location.